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Bayou Classic Outdoor Fryers

Our outdoor fryers are great for cooking foods like french fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, and even vegetables. They make frying food easy and convenient. 

Save money with our Bayou Classic Fryer, because you don't need to buy new oil every time you want to use it! The efficient V-bottom design of our Fryer keeps the oil cooler below the heat-source. The oil stays cleaner so you can reuse for many cookings. 


These fryers are designed purposefully for cooking outdoors, whether that's at home for friendly get-together's, for tailgating events, or at a campsite! These fryers heat up fast and keeps the temperature, you may have to make very small adjustments with the regulator.


Each fryer comes with their own stainless steel basket with cool to the touch handles, thermometer so you can monitor the heat, and 10 PSI pre-set regulator with stainless-steel braided hose.

All our fryers come with stainless steel baskets. We have three popular sizes of deep fryers, which is best for your family? 

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