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FREE SHIPPING for our 60" Rustic Half Windmill Head! Spruce up you outdoor space with this stunning rustic half windmill head! Crafted from metal with a beautiful aged patina, this 60" head is the perfect addition to any garden or backyard. The windmill head is a traditional part of many old buildings. It's a symbol of industry and power. In fact, the word "windmill" comes from the Old English word wimulle meaning mill. Windmills were used to grind grain and pump water. 


Give your outdoor space some rustic flair with this 60" metal windmill head! Boasting an aged patina finish, this attractive design will add personality and interest to your garden or backyard. This 60" rustic half windmill head is handcrafted and adds a distinctive charm to any area that it is displayed. These windmill heads add simple rustic charm to homes, offices, patios, gates, fences, etc.


Add charm and character to your outdoor area with this 60" rustic half windmill head! Constructed from metal for durability, it's sure to be a conversation piece for years to come. They are authentic, retired working steel windmill heads that have naturally rusted to a vintage look. They add character to any indoor or outdoor area. Red tips can be added upon request. 


Our windmill heads are made in the USA and ship fully assembled.



60" Rustic Half Windmill Head

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