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Add an unique, floral hint to your home using the Ancient Graffiti Multicolored Lily Rain Chain. Replacing your downspout with a rain chain allows you to showcase your individual style in a bold new way, and these open, steel flower shapes are sure to capture attention. A scalloped edge along each cup mimics a lily in bloom, while an open base on each directs water downward. The red, blue, green, and gold powder coating on the cups brings a vibrant look to the piece, enhanced by the slightly iridescent finish.


An included, steel gutter clip secures into your gutter outlet, making installation of the chain simple. The generous, 104" length is great for several sizes of homes, and links or cups may be removed for just the right size for your home. The bold colors on this piece will certainly mesh with any barrel or other container placed beneath it, enhancing your landscaping with your personal style. Turn a corner of your home into a focal point using this Multicolored Lily Rain Chain. 

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Ancient Graffiti Lily Rain Chain, Multicolored

  • Dimensions: 3.25" dia. x 104"H
    Mounting: hang from gutter
    Construction: steel  
    Shipping Weight: 7 lbs

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