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Looking for an elegant addition to your outdoor decor? Look at these Stainless Life Circles Rain Chains! Rain chains are a great way to add beauty to your home without having to spend money on expensive landscaping projects. 


A rain chain is an alternative to a downspout for directing rainfall away from your home. Instead of a downspout, the chain comprises of metal or cup-shaped pieces to direct the water from the gutter to where it needs to go — this could be a rain barrel, flowerbed, pond or drainage system. Not only do rain chains provide effective rainfall management, but their intricate designs and tinkling sound also make them a unique addition to any landscaping design scheme.


These beautiful, yet functional rain chains easily attach to an existing gutter system allowing the flow of rainwater to proceed to the ground creating a soothing melody as it moves down the chain. Our rain chains may be shortened or combined with another chain to create different desired lengths. Hanging attachment included. We have several popular design styles and colors to choose from to fit your specific patio decor.

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Stainless Life Circles - Rain Chains

PriceFrom $69.99
  • Dimensions of Half Rain Chain:

    Rainchain Length (inches) 4'.3" (49")      

    Height of Cup (inches) 4"

    Dimensions of Shipping Box:

    Length (inches) 12"         

    Width (inches) 12"

    Weight (lbs) 3

    Dimensions of Full Rain Chain:

    Rainchain Length (inches) 8'.5"  (102")

    Height of Cup (inches) 4"

    Dimensions of Shipping Box:

    Length (inches) 15.5"         

    Width (inches) 12"

    Weight (lbs) 5

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