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Looking for something unique to add to your patio or porch? These beautifully designed Verdigris Fluted Cup rain chains are not just decorative, but functional! They are a beautiful alternative to traditional metal or plastic downspouts.


Rain chains are a beautiful and functional way to collect and direct rainwater. Instead of traditional downspouts, rain chains add an artistic touch to your home's exterior while also helping to prevent erosion and water damage.


This innovative chain, inspired by centuries-old Japanese design, not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a stunning visual element to your home. Simply attach the chain to the end of your gutter outlet using the convenient clip, and let the power of rainwater create a beautiful display on the side of your house.

You can easily attach our rain chains to an existing gutter system to gently guide the glow of rainwater to the ground. Rainwater creates a soothing melody as it flows down the chain. The chain may be shortened or combined with another chain for greater length. Hanging attachment included. Free Delivery!

Verdigris Fluted Cup - Patina Rain Chain

SKU: R252H
PriceFrom $69.99
  • Dimensions of Half Rain Chain:

    Rainchain Length (inches) 4'.3" (49")        

    Height of Cup (inches) 4"

    Dimensions of Shipping Box:

    Length (inches) 12"         

    Width (inches) 12"

    Weight (lbs) 3

    Dimensions of Full Rain Chain:

    Rainchain Length (inches) 8'.5"  (102")

    Height of Cup (inches) 4"

    Dimensions of Shipping Box:

    Length (inches) 15.5"         

    Width (inches) 12"

    Weight (lbs) 5

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