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20ft Decorative Windmills - DIY Projects


Looking to make a bold statement in your outdoor space? Have you dreamed of accenting your yard with the country charm of a rustic windmill, but have been a little apprehensive because of the cost of having one built? We offer a budget friendly solution for your DIY ambitions!


These decorative windmill head kits are an affordable way to have the windmill you have always wanted while saving money! The lumber you will need to build the tower for the 20 ft decorative windmill is approximately $300, depending on your location. Other providers offer this comparative windmill with a completely built tower for nearly $2100, you will save approximately $900 when you build the tower yourself!


Historically, windmills (aka wind pumps) were used to pump wells to provide water for farms, and helped the expansion of the railroads by providing the much needed water for steam engines. Today, these hand-crafted, 20 ft decorative windmills do command attention by sheer presence and is a great addition to any backyard or outdoor space. Our yard decorative windmills will add a touch of that rustic country charm you are longing for.


The metal components of the windmill head are made of galvanized steel and the fan blades are paint-dipped steel. We offer two options for the rudder. You can show your Texas pride with the Texas flag rudder or plain galvanized steel rudder. Both rudders look great! All our windmill head kits are made in the USA and come with Free Delivery.


Orders usually ship out with in two business days, and a tracking notification will be sent to you.

These 20-foot Windmill head kits come with the 60" Head, all metal components needed to assemble the fan; a lumber list for the tower; and simple, detailed instruction sheet to build the wood tower with ease (lumber not included).


    20 Foot Windmill Kit

    SKU: 20FtKit60Head
    $849.00 Regular Price
    $764.10Sale Price
      • Overall height: 20 Feet (approx.)
      • Fan diameter: 60 inches
      • Box 1 dimensions: 53"x53"x3", 47lbs
      • Box 2 dimensions: 44"x12"x7", 60lbs
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