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Our garden wagons are a simple, rustic curiosity for any outdoor space. They are great for using in flower beds or as a flower bed. These country wagons can also be a statement piece by itself! They have even been used in the past as part of a store display case filled with items such as pet food and supplies! 

We offer two options for our decorative chuck wagons, one option is for us to build the wagon for you and ship as a complete product. Our more budget-friendly option, is for the metal parts only kit, with detailed instructions and a complete lumber list so that you can build it your self. The metal parts only option also comes with free delivery!

History of the Chuck Wagon
A chuckwagon was originally a wagon that carried food and cooking equipment on the prairies of the United States and Canada. A chuckwagon would accompany a wagon train of settlers or a group nomadic workers like cowboys or loggers. Charles Goodnight, a Texas rancher, invented the idea of a chuckwagon in 1866. Chuck was a slang term for food and chuckwagon food included easy-to-preserve items like beans and salted meats, coffee, and sourdough biscuits. Supplemental foodstuffs were also gather
ed while on the trail. Important Chuckwagon Items: Dutch oven, large coffee pot, extra kettles and pots, crossbar, and fire hooks Also included: a dishpan for mixing bread, a kettle for heating water for washing, a “wreck” or “roundup” pan for dirty dishes, and a “squirrel can” for scraps. “4-H Western Heritage Project.”  4-H Western Heritage Project, 

Customer Photos Below
Some customers have paired their garden wagon with a windmill or water tower. That made a great statement! 

Decorative garden wagon and windmill with texas flag rudder
Decorative Windmill with texas flag rudder and garden wagon

Decorative Chuck Wagons  

Special order for Zip: 76705

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