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Fire Pit Grills

Made in USA!

Our outdoor fire pits have a natural rust patina finish that ages beautifully over time and is safe to grill your eats! The grill is large enough to cook many items.

FREE SHIPPING! Built from robust materials and with a protective cover for safe seasonal storage, you can use a fire pit for grilling up delicious food or simply creating a warm and inviting ambience. Our natural rust patina finish ages beautifully over time. The portable design allows your fire pit to be moved more easily from patio to beach and beyond. The safety ring surrounding fire pit grill, also functions as a footrest and handle.

The screen-cover protects against stray sparks while using your wood burning fire pit. The fire pit grill grate is large enough to cook for a small gathering. You can adjust the wood with the study fire-poker. The black canvas cover protects your fire pit in the off-season and in between uses. We offer a wide variety of fire pit designs to help meet everyones backyard design style, including being able to personalize. 


They are manufactured from cold-rolled steel for years of durability. These fire pits have sturdy legs that are welded in place to prevent the fire pit grill from wobbling. They come fully assembled for immediate use, right out of the box. 


We have a five-year limited warranty. Our fire pits are guaranteed not to burn through or rust through for up to five years. Follow the links to see more detail about the design & safety of our fire pits or to see the anatomy of our fire pits

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