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Garden Water Towers

Our garden water towers add that country charm to any outdoor space. They can be out in the open natural habitat, such as a large yard or even paired with our decorative windmill. They pair look extraordinary together, giving that old time appeal! Or, as a featured accessory in a smaller garden, or curb appeal as you enter your driveway!

They are sold as decorative pieces, but some customers have used liners (from a home improvement store) to convert them into a functioning water reservoir for gardens. One customer attached a downspout to the back of the garden water tower and collected rain water. Attaching a spigot and hose from a local hardware store, they were able to use the stored water for the plants growing close to the water tower. 

Historically, water tanks have been around since the mid-1800s. They had several purposes to reserve water; provide fire protection to small towns or farms, supply water for steam engines of the early trains, and to provide drinking water. They were once, a much needed infrastructure to help with survival. Some current homesteaders are returning to this old method as part of their preferred life-style of living “off-the-grid”.  

Water towers are a great way to add height to your landscape. They are also very attractive when placed next to our windmills or chuck wagons. ​Our water Towers are constructed with stained, pressure treated yellow pine and galvanized steel. They come in several popular sizes and we do offer budget-friendly options.
We offer two options, buy water tower complete and ship as a whole (separate shipping cost to be added, quote given prior to purchase) or a more budget friendly choice is to buy water tower metal parts only with a complete materials list and detailed instruction sheet on how to build the garden water tower (FREE SHIPPING for this option).  

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