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Our collection of Country Style Birdhouses on a stake offer a beautiful home for feathered friends. These are an all-time bestselling staked birdhouses! These birdhouses are skillfully crafted with an antique copper finish that gradually weathers into a beautiful patina. Each piece is crafted from quality iron with intricate detailing throughout the thatchwork roof and twisting vines and leaves.


These birdhouses are made for year round outdoor use. They are 100% powder coated iron, helping them be weather and rust resistant. These fine birdhouses include drainage holes to help maintain the health of your bird friends. The birdhouses have a large, sturdy prong stake for stability. They are easy to assemble, no tools needed. 


The style "Round House" features a cylindrical shaped architecture, resembling a silo.


The style "Farm House" features a round shaped bottom and bird perched on the roof.


The style "Chimney House" features guess it!...chimney! It's a rectangular house with traditional style roof and small bird perched on the roof. 


The style "Cottage" features an a-frame structure and small bird perched on top.


- Weather & rust resistant
- 100% quality powder coated iron
- Includes drainage/ventilation holes
- Hand painted with beautiful details & textures
- Large sturdy stake for stability/strength
- Partial assembly; no tools needed

Country Style Birdhouses

  • Specifications:
    Height of Birdhouse ONLY (no stake): 10.5"
    Number of Entry Holes: 1
    Entry Hole Diameter: 1.5"
    Number of Perches: 1
    Inner Birdhouse Height: 12.25"
    Inner Birdhouse Length: 8.5"
    Inner Birdhouse Width: 8.5"
    Height of Stake ONLY (no birdhouse): 54.5"
    Number of Stake Prongs: 3

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