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Our Spiral Bells Wind Chime is the perfect addition to your garden or porch environment. Crafted of metal and available in either copper or multi-colored finishes, it adds a rustic charm with its winding design that offers gentle tones on the breeze. Make music outdoors with this unique wind chime and enjoy peaceful melodies in your outdoor space.


Add a touch of music to your outdoor space with the Spiral Bells Wind Chime! This charming chime has a 0.25" diameter rod that is 30" long, with a flower-shaped bell hanging below every bend. The bells are crafted from two teardrop-shaped pieces of metal that are crimped together, creating a trumpet flower shape and an inner rod that creates each bell's unique tone. A 3" long chain is affixed to the top loop of the chime, connecting it to a 4.75" long hook for easy placement on any hanger or shepherd hook and its varying musical notes fill the air with melody as it sways in the breeze.


Gardens have a special way of brightening your outdoor space! Hang a wind chime on your porch, patio, a shepherd hook, or even on a low-lying tree branch to add some style and charm. Our collection of copper or multi-color red, blue, and green wind chimes are sure to enhance the natural beauty of your garden with their tranquil sounds in the breeze. Order today and get free shipping!

Spiral Bells Wind Chime

  • Dimensions: 3.5"L x 2"D x 30"H
    Mounting: hang
    Construction: metal 
    Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

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