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Our Angel Collection bird baths are an excellent choice for elevating your garden to the next level! These intricately designed statues are sure to attract the attention of all who visit. Made from magnesium, these statues can withstand various temperatures and resist cracking even in extreme cold.


These stunning statues are to become the center of conversation. These durable, whether-resistant pieces exhibit realistic, meticulous details adding texture to their clothing, feathers, flowers, and facial features. Positioned on a solidly crafted bass that is free-standing, our birdbaths come in two finishes: antique, bronze, and antique white.


The Zaer Ltd. Angel Collection quickly became a customer favorite throughout last year. This year, we have expanded the collection, launching not only new styles but color options as well. Each magnesium angel statue is hand painted for a vintage aesthetic with a special focus on small details and textures throughout the face, wings, and garment. 


Jazmin is a stunning child angel wearing a flower crown over her flowing locks of hair, all while holding a small (functional) birdbath. Shop or angel collection birdbath now!


- Indoor/Outdoor
- Weather resistant
- Made from magnesium (so it will not crack in extreme cold)
- Distressed, antique "stone-like" appearance 
- Gorgeous textures in clothing and feathers
- Realistic details (i.e. facial features, birds, flowers, etc.)
- Freestanding with a solid, sturdy base
- Includes functional birdbath (with bird detail)
- Available in two finishes: Antique Bronze and Antique White


39" Tall Magnesium Angel Statue with Birdbath

PriceFrom $479.99
  • 18.9" L x 18.9" W x 39.37" H

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