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Use the power of rainwater to create an amazing display on the side of your home with the Ancient Graffiti Scalloped Rain Chain. These chains originated in Japan centuries ago, and this modern one will provide a wonderful look on your home while aiding in directing rainwater. This chain attaches to the outlet at the end of your gutter, using its convenient clip.


The twenty, fluted cups hang from this clip, forming a generous, 86" long chain for plenty of reach. The fluted pattern and tapered design on each cup lend a classic look to the piece, and help create a gentle sound as water cascades over and around each vessel. Place a rain barrel or basin beneath the chain to collect the water for use later, and remove links and cups as needed for just the right length.


The browned copper colored finish meshes with many homes and gardens, and the steel construction will remain sturdy and effective for years to come. Bring a decorative look to your home by replacing your downspout with this Scalloped Rain Chain.


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Ancient Graffiti Scalloped Rain Chain, Browned Copper Finish

Only 6 left in stock
  • Dimensions: 3" dia. x 86"H
    Mounting: hang from gutter
    Construction: steel  
    Shipping Weight: 5 lbs

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