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Our highly anticipated (and slightly silly) Set of Funny Ants are a fun way to add humor and spirit into your home. These stakes feature protruding mushrooms with cute character ants - each in different positions - interacting with other ants and climbing on the toadstool. They look great in potted plants or placed throughout your garden or yard. Each stake is two pronged so you won't see them once in the ground, giving the impression that each mushroom is truly growing in that spot.


Liven up your garden with our Funny Ants on Mushrooms Garden Stakes! These comical stakes are perfect for adding a touch of quirkiness to your outdoor space. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are made from powder coated iron which makes them weather and rust resistant. Each stake features hand painted ants perched atop mushrooms, adding a playful element to any garden. The sturdy metal two prong stake ensures they stay securely in the ground, even on windy days.


*These Funny Ants garden stakes are already a BESTSELLER so place your order before it's too late!


- Indoor/Outdoor

- Powder coated iron

- Weather & rust resistant

- Hand painted

- Sturdy metal two prong stake



Funny Ants on Mushrooms Garden Stakes

PriceFrom $32.99
  • 9" x 5.5" x 18.5"


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