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Bird house enthusiasts will love these galvanized steel bird houses! Make your outdoor space more beautiful with galvanized bird houses! Each piece has its own architectural concept, making them fun, realistic and unique. Made from galvanized metal, these are structurally sound, weather-resistant, rust-proof and made to last year after year. An excellent seller for obvious reasons...get these in a yard before they're gone!


Galvanized birdhouses are an ideal choice for either indoor or outdoor home decoration. Constructed with 100% galvanized steel and treated with a powder coating to prevent rusting, these birdhouses sport a heavy duty metal hook for easy hanging, as well as a 1.75" entry hole along with a perch for the birds. We offer six distinct styles that showcase various designs and details – perfect for any bird loving homeowner!


- Indoor/Outdoor
- 100% galvanized steel
- Powder coated
- Weather and rust resistant
- Heavy duty metal hook for easy hanging
- Entry hole diameter: 1.75"
- Perch per each entry hole
- Six assorted styles with various details and designs

Hanging Galvanized Birdhouses

  • "Farm House"    8"X8"X11.75"H/ 21.75"TH
    "Country Cottage"   9.25"X7.5"X10.25"H/ 22.75"TH
    "Church House"   8.5"X6.5"X15"H/ 28.75"TH
    "School House"   8.25"X7.875"X15.75"H/ 29"TH
    "Family Home"   11.25"X6.5"X13.58"H/ 27.5"TH
    "Bungalow"   7.75"X8.75"X10"H/ 21"TH

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