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Elevate your outdoor décor with the Flamed Copper Colored Pine Cone Wind Chimes. This beautiful chime will not only look great, but also fill the background of your outdoor spaces with gentle and calming melodies that are as unique as a passing breeze.


The realistic pine cone and branch shapes on this unit bring a striking look to your garden or home, while small bells offer a lovely sound. A slightly curved, horizontal rod perfectly mimics a tree branch, complete with a textured body and twig like extensions.


Five metal, pine cone shapes hang from chains beneath this twig, and a small bell attaches to the base of each of these adornments. The varying heights of the pine cones keep them offset from one another, and allow the bells to ring freely in a breeze. A top chain and hook make it simple to suspend this piece from a bracket or other branch, while the all metal construction offers plenty of durability.


The varied brown hues throughout the unit further the natural appeal, and the item reflects bits of sunlight thanks to its slightly iridescent finish. The layered design of each pine cone brings dimension to your garden, and the timeless motif is perfect for celebrating nature. Enjoy a gentle sound and evergreen style in your yard with these Flamed Copper Colored Pine Cone Wind Chimes.


Pine Cone Wind Chimes, Flamed Copper Colored

SKU: ANG-AG-1429
  • Dimensions: 16.25"L x 3.5"W x 23.5"H
    Mounting: hang
    Construction: metal 
    Shipping Weight: 4 lbs

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