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These Transparent Window Bird Feeders are very popular this year! This bird feeder features a large viewing window, allowing you to see the birds up close as they feed. Made from high quality transparent acrylic, this feeder is durable and built to last. Plus, it will not distract from your view out the window, so you can still enjoy the beautiful garden in the distance as you relax. 


This feeder is designed to easily attach to any window, providing a clear and up-close view of the birds as they enjoy their meals. The four ultra-strong suction cups to provide a strong and secure suction hold that stays in place even in extreme weather. It's the perfect choice for North American backyard birds, giving you unobstructed, up-close views of the beautiful wild birds in your yard such as Bluebirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Gold Finch, and more. 


Cleaning is a breeze with the removable tray! Simply remove the tray, discard any debris and old seeds, and wipe down the surface with a wet cloth to keep it looking fresh and clean. The drainage holes on the tray prevent bird seeds from getting wet and moldy, ensuring that your feathered friends have access to fresh, dry seeds.


It's designed to keep squirrels away, so you can enjoy the peaceful sight of birds without any unwanted visitors. Just install the feeder 10 feet away from ledges, gables, and branches, and you'll have a squirrel-safe space for your feathered friends to dine. Say goodbye to pesky squirrels and hello to hours of bird-watching enjoyment with our Transparent Window Bird Feeder!


This feeder requires nothing to assemble, making it a simple and easy option for anyone who loves backyard birding and wildlife.  With its easy installation and maintenance, this bird feeder is the perfect gift for for elderly mom, gifts for dads and moms who have everything, gifts for couples who have everything, grandparents gifts, even a great gift for children who love to feed and watch birds. 


Transparent Window Bird Feeder

  • Green Perch Feeder:

    8 1/8" H

    7 3/4" W 

    4" D

    Suction cup: 2 1/4" diameter

    Tray Drain Holes: 32

    Clear Perch Feeder:

    8" H

    7 3/4" W

    4 1/4" D

    Suction cup: 2" diameter

    Tray Drain Holes: 608

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