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Rustic Windmill Head Decor

47 inch Windmill Head
38 inch Windmill Head Decor
30 inch Windmill Head

Are you looking for home or office decor that is unique, something that is distinctive and makes a statement? Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted windmill heads add simple charm to any indoor or outdoor space! They give rustic appeal to your office, home,  or patio. They can be used to enhance the aesthetics of your gates, fences or garden!

These are authentic, retired working steel windmill heads that have naturally rusted to a vintage look. Red tips can be added upon request.
We use a clear matte finish on the blades (front and back). Some customers spray the blades and wire ring with Rust-Oleum, clear matte finish to add an extra layer of protective seal.  These are true authentic windmills that go through a natural rusting process, not like the painted imitations.

There are four Windmill head sizes to choose from for your special space. Please note that only the 30" and 38" Windmill Heads come fully assembled. The 47" and 60" are shipped unassembled to prevent damage during shipping. Instructions for Assembly of the blades and wire ring, are included with the kit. 
Windmills were used to pump water out of wells and ponds before electricity was available. The first windmills were made of wood and stone. In the early 19th century, metal windmills began to replace wooden ones. Steel windmills were invented in 1884 by German engineer Wilhelm von Siemens. They were used to pump water from mines and quarries.

Our windmill heads are made in the USA. 


Indoor or Outdoor

47 inch Windmill Head
38 inch Windmill Head
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